Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasina’s big revelation, he can cheat the nation for money

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Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasina’s big revelation, he can cheat the nation for money

Recently, the wife of Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami allegedly accused him of getting involved in many extramarital affairs.

To prove the allegations, his wife, Hasin Jahan posted several screenshots of Whatsapp and Facebook Messages on her Facebook Wall.

In an interview with India TV, she said, “I am facing domestic violence since last two years. He has also married a Pakistani girl and went to see her while returning from the South Africa tour. “I asked Shami to take me to Dharamsala along with him but he refused. He even called me from there and abused me. He is having multiple affairs. Wherever the Indian team travels, a guy named Kuldeep supplies girls to him. BCCI is also not doing anything on this.”

She said that she will take a legal action against him. The cricketer is currently in Dharamsala taking part in the Deodhar Trophy. Shami denied this allegation and defended himself with a tweet, he wrote:

Now new revelations in the matter are, Hasin Jahan is claiming that Shami can cheat with the nation.

During the conversation with a news channel, when the reporter questioned Haseen where Shami has described your allegations as a conspiracy, Haseen said in reply, ‘Shami is False. Planning of Shami is visible. , Pakistan can be also involved in this. The planning can be of Pakistan in all this matter.’

When asked why do you think Pakistan is involved in this, Hasina answered, Alishba is from Pakistan, Shami calls her, books room for her. They are in a relationship.

According to Hasina, ”Shami said that Alishba gave her money. Mohammad from the United Kingdom gave money to Alishba to give it to Shami. What is the money for?”

You can go and check the hotel in Dubai that Shami booked a room with the name single adult. Why did Shami take money? I have a recording when I spoke with Shami he admitted that yes, I took money from him, who is Mohammed Bhai, what he does, what is the connection of money with Alishba? Why he’s giving money to Shami? When the BCCI gives white money to Shami through cheques, then from where this money came?

Published by Ashish Mishra on 09 Mar 2018