Tirthak Saha – Story From Being Rejected By DU To Making It Into Forbes 30 Under 30

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Tirthak Saha – Story From Being Rejected By DU To Making It Into Forbes 30 Under 30

“Success And Failure Are Both Parts Of Life. Both Are Not Permanent.” – Shah Rukh Khan.

Majority of people, especially students break down in depression when they don’t get for what they worked hard for years. They think they don’t deserve it or are not capable of doing it, but in reality, God fails you at something to make you successful at another thing.

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Tirthak Saha’s story will inspire you to never give up. Tirthak Saha was a resident of Dwarka, Delhi and was very passionate about Science and especially Physics. His father, Pradip Saha is a school teacher and his mother, Enakshi Saha, works in the postal department.

He wished to pursue astrophysics in DU, but with the cut-off score for the physics honors course being too high, he could not make it to Delhi University. Even though he could not get admission in the college he wished, he did not give up and joined the International Centre for Applied Sciences at Manipal University and was even given the scholarship to study at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

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“I was enrolled in Manipal University’s 2+2 program at the International Center for Applied Sciences which is designed to help you to transfer to foreign universities at the end of your first two years at Manipal. I applied to and got into many universities, but chose Drexel since it was offering me the largest scholarship and it had an absolutely wonderful co-op program where students get a chance to do an integrated full-time paid internship with some of the biggest companies in the US,” he explained in an interview.

He completed his BSc from there and due to his hard work and talent, he got an opportunity to work with the NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant and designed an origami-based modular solar panel array for satellites.

Tirthak, who works for American Electric Power (AEP), Indiana provides electricity to 5.4 million people in 11 states of the United States of America, has this year been included in the annual Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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Speaking with a leading tabloid, Tirthak said, “It’s a wonderful honor and I’m still coming to terms with it. The recognition is based on one’s entire career trajectory and is given to those who have the potential to disrupt the industries they look at. It’s like a lifetime achievement award but under the age of 30.”

On being asked about his role models, “But I aspire to be a little like Richard Feynman – who was just a complete package of brains and personality,” he says, “Then there is De Grasse Tyson – one of the more prolific science advocators of our day and age. Shah Rukh Khan since he is a fellow alumnus of Columba’s who, through his career, was one of the first to imprint upon me the value of hard work.”

According to a report by a leading daily, the post-Tirthak holds — grid modernization engineer — didn’t exist previously and was created just for him.

Now, this is called success. From failing to get into DU to working for NASA and then being named in 30 Under 30, Tirthak Saha’s story is truly inspiring for the youth.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 12 Feb 2018