Study Reveals Which Type Of Guys Girls Actually Prefer! Do You Have These Qualities?

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Study Reveals Which Type Of Guys Girls Actually Prefer! Do You Have These Qualities?

While girls are very particular about choosing their life partners, for boys it is very easy to fall in love comparatively, as per the psychologists. Yes, and that’s why girls look out for some specific qualities in guys according to the latest research findings. Read what these special qualities are:

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1. Sense of Humour

Girls get more attracted to those who have a good sense of humour. These type of guys have the happy-go-lucky type of attitude as they are always smiling and keep the ambience also joyful.

2. Intelligence

Guys having a good general knowledge and a good understanding of what’s going around the world, are generally preferred by girls. Basically, her guy should have an all-around command over things in every field. So guys, improve your knowledge and be aware of what’s happening out there.

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3. Cooking

All the boys out there, get up and learn some cooking, at least some basics, as this quality is a must if you want girls to come your way. Girls find it sweet when guys cook for them.

4. Helping Nature

Firstly, you must possess this trait even if you don’t want to attract any girl. Be kind, be gentle and condemn any unkind act towards women. Girls genuinely like those guys who respect women and stand for them. These type of boys are very kind.

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5. Sensitivity

According to the researchers, it has been proved that girls are attracted towards guys who are sensitive in nature. Those guys are known to be pure-hearted who communicates in an attractive way. These guys understand people’s emotions better and girls completely fall for that guy.

Published by Shruti Kumari on 15 Feb 2018