Part 2: Tips For Effective Time Management To Increase Productivity!

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Part 2: Tips For Effective Time Management To Increase Productivity!

In this world of edge to edge competition, it is important to manage your time wisely to stay more productive. Here are some time management tips which may help you manage your time wisely to achieve your desired goals on time

1. Take Breaks

Taking Breaks is important as everything that works with mechanism needs to rest. 5 to 10 minutes break after a work of over 30 minutes is very helpful to remember things.

2. Meditate Or Exercise

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Meditation calms the mind and only a calm mind can take tough calls at work. Exercise keeps you active and being active on work can save you lot of time.

3. Make To-Do List

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Every night before going to bed, make a to-do list for next day. Keep tasks of high priority first. By doing so, you will be clear about the goals and tasks as you can see them physically on the paper.

4. Find Inspiration

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Go to YouTube and see videos such as TED Talks and Shark Tank, they will inspire you and also give you a lot of creative ideas.

5. Organize 

Organize and set surroundings for your workplace. Organize it so that you don’t get distracted. A focused mind works fast, and faster it works, faster you can complete your tasks.

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Published by Bhaumik Raja on 02 Feb 2018