A customer booked a cab but the location of the driver showed Arabian Sea, Facebook goes LOL on this

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A customer booked a cab but the location of the driver showed Arabian Sea, Facebook goes LOL on this

Past in time we didn’t have any cab facilities that we can book right from our cell phones. But today we can do almost everything by just moving our fingers. It takes less than a minute to book a cab to ride home and to anywhere in the city at affordable prices.

The cab aggregators and the drivers of the cabs are in a huge rush to take on the bookings from the customers and offering them quality services in time. While most of the times the ride goes as planned, there were times when it turns super hilarious and interesting.

The recent hilarious stunt was about a cab driver.  A Facebook user who goes by the name Hussain Shaikh shared a screenshot of his uber ride where the driver took a bizarre route and ended up in middle of the Arabian Sea. Sounds silly, right? Read on to see what exactly happened with the cab driver.

On 15 February, Hussain Shaikh shared a screenshot where the cab driver and his car was located in the middle of the Arabian Sea. He came all the way to Facebook and shared the picture and captioned it saying, ‘Aslam Bhai submarine se aarele hai.’

Aslam bhai submarine se aarele hai😂#uber

Posted by Hussain Shaikh on Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018

Cab location spots in the Arabian Sea

Ever since the post got shared, it is being liked by thousands of Facebook users.  The post fetched over 1.5k likes and 4.5k shares. The post is making everyone laugh out crazily. It is pretty funny to see such incidents happen.

Medhaj Swar: Aslam bhai has a cheat code of WATERWAYS 😂😂 

Resham Das Pallavi Ekbote you said flying cars by 2018? Here’s floating Uber for you 😂

Antariksha Verma GTA cheat activated!

Fabian Fernandes Wna go Qatar by waterways? 😂

Hemaksh Kalsi This nibba just dropped someone in dubai and is cming back god damn

This is not the first time that something like this has happened.  Earlier, another cab was located in the South Atlantic Ocean and social went crazy that time too. Then also, the customer shared the picture of the location and captioned it saying “SOS SOMEONE SEND HELP FOR MY UBER DRIVER HASHEM.  HE’S CURRENTLY SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN. #PrayForHashem.”

These things usually happen due to the disruptions in the maps.  The maps usually show the exact location of the driver and the time it will take for the cab to reach the customer to pick him up.  However, may be due to some internet problems or for some unknown and weird reasons, things like will happen and the cab location directly locates to some sea.  These things literally are worthy of a laugh.

Published by Mamatha on 21 Feb 2018