10 people who became popular in no time, social media was the reason

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10 people who became popular in no time, social media was the reason

The internet is the place where you can attain fame in any form overnight. Many people through their talent and artistic skills get famous and turn celebrities from this platform. But, these people got famous on the internet without any reason.

Today we will discuss 10 people, who got famous overnight, all thanks to the power of social media.

Dhinchak Pooja.

Dhinchak Pooja, one of the popular internet sensations who has a million followers on YouTube, Pooja had given songs like ‘Selfie Maine leli aaj’, ‘Daaru daaru’, and ‘Dilon ka shooter’. Her fame got her into Bigg Boss House and Entertainment Ki Raat. Dhinchak Pooja got popular in a couple of days after the release of her debut song.

Shahid Alvi

This Video went viral on the internet like a storm and his famous line ‘Bhai Bhai Bhai’ was on everyone’s mouth. This video made Shahid Alvi famous on internet platform and his further video also gained good attention from people. His popular line ‘Bhai Bhai Bhai’ was used to make memes. Shahid was blessed with social media power.

Pakistani Chaiwala.

This guy became the talk of the town after his picture went viral on the internet. This picture of smart looking chaiwala flooded on the internet. Girls were fainting over his dashing looks and this made him popular and got a huge fan following in no time. Majorly, after this couple of brands signed him for modelling projects.

Saima Hussain Mir.

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This girl became famous just because of a selfie of Shah Rukh Khan. It all happened when SRK captured a group selfie at Symbiosis Institute of Designs. When the picture of Shah Rukh went viral on social media, people noticed the girl behind SRK in the picture. The girl from Srinagar became famous, all thanks to social media.

Priya Prakash

On Sunday, internet flooded with many pictures of a girl which took the social media by storm. The Pictures were from an upcoming South Indian movie song. In the pictures, you can see the various lovely reaction of the girl.

Overnight the girl became crush of our nation, memes were all around. Timeline of every Indian was full of her pictures. Priya Prakash Varrier is the name and she is from Kerela. She is an actor and model by profession.

Dr Mike

Dr Mike is the world’s sexiest doctor and has a large number of fan following. This handsome doctor has 2.6 million followers on Instagram. Dr Mike picture went viral on social media overnight and he made people made with his personality. People got confused whether he is doctor or model. We bet girls are dying to get treatment from him.

Kamesh: The Soluchan Kid

Interview with a kid named Kamlesh, who was addicted to chemicals went viral on the internet overnight. The video clip consists journey of the poor kid how he came from Bhopal to Delhi and got addict to drugs and chemicals. The clip was removed from a documentary made for social cause regarding ghetto kids getting addicted to drugs.

Justin Bieber’s Security guard, Boy Roeles

Boy Roeles is a Dutch safety guard of pop singer Justin Bieber. He became popular in no time just because of handsome looks. Girls started going mad over him. A random girl shared his image on her Instagram profile. His picture went viral on social media and he started getting marriage proposals too.

Nepali Sabziwaali.

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The pictures of Nepali Sabziwaali became viral on social media as it was uploaded. Guys went mad at her, no one believed that she was a Sabziwaali.

Saif & Kareena son, Taimur Ali Khan.

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The first picture of Saif and Kareena’s son Taimur went viral on social media like fire. After this, there was no stopping of him becoming the most loved star kid. Social media keeps capturing and posting pictures of Taimur whenever he makes public appearances. Social media is powerful it can even make a star kid famous.

Published by Ashish Mishra on 14 Feb 2018