Padmaavat: Karni Sena Burns Fellow Member’s Car, Twitter Explodes in Laughter

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Padmaavat: Karni Sena Burns Fellow Member’s Car, Twitter Explodes in Laughter

Karni Sena left no stone unturned to ban Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Padmaavat’. They went till Supreme Court, burnt theatres attacked buses to revolt against the film. However, everything went in vain. The film successfully released on 25th morning and is running in theatres with a house full.

In the name of Rajput pride, Karni Sena has reached a new level of craziness as they are burning down vehicles, vandalising different areas across the nation.

However, they goofed up in this brave act to save their so-called pride. While opposing Padmaavat, they mistakenly burnt down fellow member’s car.

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Here’s what happened:

Karni Sena was carrying out a protest at the Jyoti Talkies intersection in Bhopal on Wednesday. Thousands of people who were opposing the film had gathered to stop the screening of the film. And sooner, the crowd turned violent. They were so lost in burning everything down that they mistakenly burnt fellow Karni Sena member Surendra Singh Chauhan’s car, who lived in the vicinity.

Talking to PTI, Bhopal DIG Dharmendra Choudhary said, “A car caught fire during the protests. It is a matter of investigation whether the vehicle was torched or it caught fire. We have detained three protesters from Jyoti Talkies Square in this connection.”

However, Twitter exploded in laughter with some really hilarious tweets. Have a look:

A tweep correctly wrote, “Jaisi KARNI, Vaisi Bharni’.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Published by Kanika Saini on 25 Jan 2018
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