In Pics: World’s shortest Female met the Globe’s tallest male

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In Pics: World’s shortest Female met the Globe’s tallest male

The world’s shortest female on earth have travelled to Egypt to meet the globe’s tallest male for a special photo shoot at the nation’s renowned Giza Pyramids.

Sultan Kosen, who belongs to Turkey, is 8 feet and 9 inches tall, met Jyoti Amge, the globe’s shortest woman with a height of 62.8 cm or 2 feet and 6 inches.

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Ms Amge, who hails from Nagpur, India, possesses a Guinness World Record for being the globe’s shortest female.

As per the media reports, Jyoti Amge and Sultan Kosen got the special invitation by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board to visit the beautiful country, Egypt, to aid enhance tourism in the nation.

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Breathtaking images from their special photoshoot draw attention to the difference in their heaights, thrown into even greater contrast as they stand together. Their images have been tweeted, re tweeted and shared hoards of times on the social platforms since they hit the web.

Mr. Sultan’s height is an outcome of a state called pituitary overgrowth (gigantism). In this condition, the brain fabricates abnormally huge quantities of growth endocrine from the master gland of the endocrine system situated at the base of the brain.

Sultan Kosen was declared as the globe’s tallest person during the year 2009, and stays one of the only 10 individuals in record to get to 8 feet in height or more.

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Sultan Kosen has four sibs and the remaining family members are of normal heights. He tied the nuptial knot in the year 2013.

Ms Jyoti’s height, in contrast, is because of a type of dwarfism named achondroplasia. Ms Amge stands shorter than the normal 2-year-old kid.

Jyoti Amge has worked in shows including American Horror Story: Freak Show, documentary movies and Hindi movie Pan Supari.

She has also in the most popular TV reality show Bigg Boss. Ms. Amge bagged the record after her 18th birth anniversary during the year 2011. She is presently co-hosting a show named ‘Lo Show Dei Record’, as per the Guinness World Records official website.

During November 2014, Mr Kosen met the globe’s shortest male – 21 and a half inches high Chandra Bahadur Dangi – in the city of London.

Published by Mamatha on 28 Jan 2018