When Vikas Gupta Saved Shilpa Shinde From Having A Sheer Embarrassment

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When Vikas Gupta Saved Shilpa Shinde From Having A Sheer Embarrassment

It is a known fact to everyone that Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta are longtime rivals in the Bigg Boss house. It was a super surprise moment for everyone when the duo became friends after such unforgettable and ugly quarrels.  The duo who have fought a lot in the house have now become best buddies.  The recent incident in which Vikas saved Shilpa from sheer embarrassment is a proof that they care for each other very much.

A video was posted on Twitter with a handle name @The RealityShow, that was originally published by Voot shows Shilpa, Vikas and Puneesh Sharma having a conversation. While Shilpa said that she loves herself so much that she couldn’t think of harming herself, Puneesh said that he does not like to lose in contests.  While the conversation was going on between the trio, suddenly Shilpa who was reciting on sofa lost her balance glided backward with her head facing downwards and feet up in the air.

This made her blue long dress fell towards her head.  Vikas and Puneesh reacted immediately and came to rescue her.  Vikas who sitting next to her on another sofa reacted immediately and came to her rescue saving her from sheer embarrassment on national television.  Puneesh, who was lying on the floor also rushed to her and helped her get into right position.  If they didn’t come to rescue, she would have literally been in an embarrassing situation.

Vikas Gupta rescues Shilpa from getting into embarrassing situation

The men in the house acted very spontaneously to save a women’s respect.  Well done boys!  These two will definitely receive applause from all of the Bigg Boss viewers and of course the host of the show, Salman Khan this weekend.

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As soon as Shilpa came to the position, she rolled and stood up and thanked Vikas for saving her from getting into the most embarrassing situation.  She even told Vikas that she would do four episodes with him referring to the promise she had made when the two had a patch up a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of weeks ago, as a part of elimination process, Vikas even destroyed his favorite jacket to save Shilpa.  He saved her from being evicted from Bigg Boss house by sacrificing his jacket.  That’s really a good job Vikas.  The duo’s friendship is quite interesting to watch for the viewers.  Keep going guys!

Published by Mamatha on 01 Dec 2017