Salman Khan FINALLY Talks About His Love Life And Failures!

Salman Khan isn’t quite loud in revealing his personal life, and we usually have to dig in to find some information about his personal life. But, in an interview, Salman spoke about his love life, and also how failure, and he simply answered like a boss he is!

The host even said that Salman has never had a failure in love life. To this, Salman quipped, “I think I am used to that now.” “I think the unluckier you are in love the luckier you are, actually,” he added.

While answering the question of dealing with failures, the superstar said, “To deal with failure is difficult but from where I come, everything is a plus. Someone told me very young that if you earn Rs 10 lakh, you will get Rs 2000 every month. That had become my ambition which I crossed in my second movie. So today whatever I am, I am a plus. When you are low, you feel targeted. “

“At that time, I live on my ground floor and open my door. I watch my watchman and see my fans shouting for my attention and I speak with them, then I see someone in the morning washing cars. I see them and then look at myself and say, ‘Bloody Idiot, go home and enjoy your life.’ After having so much, if you are depressed, you are the biggest ‘nashukra’ on planet earth.”

He further added, “I have the most amazing life, parents are hale and hearty, fans love us. So, even if it goes away this moment, I will be sad but the kind of love we have seen, I don’t think even 98-99% of the population of the country has seen the kind of lifestyle and love and adulation we have seen. So we should just enjoy.”

Well, we totally agree on this with the Dabangg Khan! 😀