Bigg Boss 11: Watch How Salman Surprised Hiten Tejwani By Bringing His Kids In The House!

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Bigg Boss house is full of twists and surprises, and of course worth watching! As a part of luxury budget task this week, the housemates were asked to freeze and release at regular intervals and the task’s name is ‘Statue’. At Bigg Boss’ command, the contestants have to freeze until Bigg Boss asks them to move.

In last to last episode, we saw a reunion between Puneesh Sharma’s dad. Shilpa Shinde’s mother, Vikas Gupta’s mother, Priyank Sharma‘s ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal has entered the house.

In yesterday’s episode, Hiten Tejwani’s actress wife Gauri Pradhan entered the house to meet her husband.

She meets Hiten and assures him that everyone in the family is okay and love the way he’s progressing in the game, but she left the house even before Hiten could hug her once, which was heartbreaking for him, but in today’s episode, Salman brings Hiten’s kids to the house, and of course, his expressions are priceless.

Watch the sneak peak here! 😀

Watch the whole episode tonight on Colors TV!

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