Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan makes Vikas Gupta cry and indulge in a fight with Priyank Sharma!

Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta, who are one of the strongest contenders in Bigg Boss 11, got into a verbal war while trying to eliminate each other from the captaincy task. Their fight went to an extent where Hina accuses Vikas of getting physical and touching her inappropriately while performing the task.

In tonight’s episode, Hina will comment on Vikas Gupta’s dressing sense. In the video uploaded by Colors Twitter handle, Vikas is seen walking in the garden area, while Hina keeps asking him if he is going to meet a girl for marriage or if he is going for a job interview.

 Vikas Gupta gets offended with her comment and responds back saying, “Some people have to pass comments on everything I do. How does it matter to anyone whether I am going for an interview or to see girls? Enough yaar, Really enough. Do you want me to pass comment on your clothes.”

Priyank Sharma, who is sitting next to Hina, asks her to not continue with this if it’s hurting him. After this, Hina loses his cool over Priyank for taking Vikas’ side. Hina tells Priyank that if he taking Vikas’side so much, he can leave her and go console his best friend.

Priyank than goes to Vikas who is changing in the washroom and console him. Arshi Khan and Luv Tyagi also find Hina’s comments unreasonable and insensitive. Luv also says that he quite liked what Vikas was wearing.

Vikas breaks down and explains Priyank, how he is affected by such comments that he has started to feel that no one is as ugly as him. Then Priyank hugs Vikas and pacify him.

Watch the video here: