Story Of ‘Samosa Singh’ : A Start-Up Which Changed The Face Of Modern Samosa

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Story Of ‘Samosa Singh’ : A Start-Up Which Changed The Face Of Modern Samosa

Samosa is popular throughout the India and not unknown in any region of the nation. Samosa is one of most consumed food on daily basis. Samosa is generally very oily and unhealthy but someone just showed us that the modern Samosas can be very healthy as well as in many variations.

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Today, we present you the start-up story of ‘Samosa Singh’ established by spouses Shikhar and Nidhi. They had to sell their flat to expand their work. Read full story to know how they managed their start-up.

Nidhi and Shikhar the owners of the start-up, met while studying biotechnology at Kurukshetra University. Nidhi took up a business development job in the Delhi office of a US-based pharma company after graduating in 2007.

Shikhar, who loved biotech, went to Hyderabad to pursue his master’s. It was here that Shikhar realized that there was no hygienic, fast-food-like model available for Indian snacks. Shikhar got the idea and proposed it to Nidhi.

The idea was clear that they will make non-sticky hygienic and healthy Samosa. But only healthy Samosa don’t work so they were to be innovative in it.

Shikhar left his job and Nidhi got work-from-home agreement from the company where she worked.

They rented a small kitchen and hired few cooks. For four months Shikhar innovated with different mixtures and crusts while the cooks turned out batches of samosas.

The couple had a few things clear: they would start with multiple unique flavors; their samosas had to be fried and not baked, and the samosas had to be non-greasy and healthy.

In February, after some experimentation, they rented another small place where Nidhi managed bill counters place while Shikhar would fry unique flavored Samosas. In two months they started producing 500 samosas daily and some helpers helped them in-home delivery.

Nidhi and Shikhar decided that now they should reach corporate places. After lots of calling they finally got a deal with a corporate tech giant who asked if they can deliver 8,000 Samosas every day.

Nidhi and Shikhar had just bought a flat and they decided to sell it very next day to gather funding for a bigger kitchen and proper mechanism. They spent two days on R&D. They broke down the samosa-making process and by 8 am on D-day the order was ready.

Nidhi conducted ‘corporate fests’ to attract corporate clients which actually worked well for the company.

These generated a lot of revenue for us and we built loyalty among the corporate employees. They told their HR to get us permanently. Many of our on-going conversations with big companies are because of the good employee feedback during our samosa fests” Nidhi says.

Their order pipeline got stronger and bigger and they saw that they need to expand again and for that they would require funding. After a lot of waiting and work, they finally got funding from Kanwaljit who helped small business with funds.

“The founders were the reason I invested in Samosa Singh. They are very high on energy and very committed. Also, what was very attractive to me was the fact that they had experimented and created an almost modern version of an Indian classic. They had also got great traction even at an early stage. I also liked that we could come in at an early stage and provide value, help build the brand and build the B2B connects” says Kanwaljit.

Below is the image of one of their actual packings of various Samosa.

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The company is at a revenue rate of Rs 5 crore but with the order pipeline it is sitting on, CEO Shikhar is confident of closing the financial year at Rs 8 crore revenue. They are targeting to scale up to 50,000 samosas a day just in Bengaluru next year.

The company will also expand branches in Hyderabad and Pune next year.

If they had not risked their flat then they would not have become so successful. We wish them our hearty congratulations.

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Published by Bhaumik Raja on 27 Nov 2017