Kapil Sharma AGAIN Talks About The Sunil Grover Controversy, And He Isn’t Happy!

Kapil Sharma, who is going to bang the box office with his upcoming movie “Firangi”, is currently promoting the same with whole heart and soul. Recently he is seen giving interviews about the movie, as well as other things. And, when during the same, Kapil Sharma was again mocked about the whole Sunil Grover and his fight, and his reaction is genuine.

During the promotions in Delhi, he was asked if the fight controversies would affect the business of his movie, he said, “Tell me even one actor who hasn’t faced controversies? Maine kaunsa crime kiya hai jo log nafrat karenge? (What crime have I committed for people to hate me?) See, when people love someone and something like this (controversies) happens, the criticism is also of the same level.”

He further opened up about his depression and said, “I took the entire thing seriously and was stressing if people must have started hating me but then I also feel proud that the audience feels I am a part of them.”

“While to other actors they (people) ask permission for a picture, with me they drag me close and take a picture,” he added.

Kapil was also asked if he would get some roles for Sunil Grover in the movie, the comedian quipped, “Maine kya usse godh liya hua hai? (Have I adopted him?)”

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