Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan FINALLY Speaks About Desperation And Stupid Efforts Of Celebs To Stay In The House!

Salman Khan has again proven why he is one of the most loved and picked T.V. host, and there are many reasons why. This Khan has already made history by hosting shows like Dus Ka Dum and Bigg Boss. However, talking about his current show, Salman Khan speaks about how the game is different that others.

Salman was asked about the reason why people like this show, on which he wisely replied, “Have you ever sneaked into any one’s house? Well, this show gives you a chance to do that. It’s slightly based on ‘peeping tom’ concept. It’s not scripted at all. If it had been, Imagine how twisted the creative team would be. “

Explaining the dramatic change in the behaviour of the contestants, Salman said, “This is where the country is going. You have intelligent people, working people, celebrities from all walks of life who are so desperate to extend their stay in Bigg Boss that they end up talking rubbish on TV. Sometimes their careers are so short-lived.”

“But just to stay in the house one week longer they’ll do all kind of crazy things without realising when they come out they won’t get work. Only those who have conducted themselves with dignity have got work and have had longer innings in the showbiz.”

When asked about his experience in hosting the show, the Dabangg said, “I get to learn so much. This show doesn’t make my blood pressure go higher or lowers it, (laughingly) it balances it out. Imagine, this is the kind of people coming from cities, some are celebrities and even commoners become celebrities after being in the house.”