Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Sapna Choudhary makes some explosive revelations about Bandgi and others!

This was one of the most unexpected eviction of Bigg Boss 11, which ended the journey of Sapna Choudhary from the house as she was one of the strongest contestant in the house.

The bold and outspoken Sapna Choudhary who gets evicted makes some shocking revelations post her exit from the show.

Sapna shared, “Sapna articulated that her journey was good in the house. Bandgi and Puneesh had become big damagers of the house.

When Sapna was asked if Hina manipulated her to save Luv Tyagi. She said, it was completely her decision to save Luv.  “If I get a chance to save a friend so that they can stay for one more week in the house, why shouldn’t I do so?” she said.

She also revealed that she is happy she is out of the house as she did not want to stay there anymore.

Talking about Bandgi, Sapna said, “If I could save myself and eliminate someone else, it would be Bandgi because she does not deserve to be on the show as she is a shameless woman.”

Talking about Puneesh Sharma, who she is used to consider her brother, Sapna said, “Puneesh has no say in the house whatsoever. He does what he is told to.”

On being asked who she wants to see as a winner, she said, “Akash should definitely win the show!”

Jokingly Sapna shared that in the coming days the show’s TRP’s would fall since she was out of the house. She shared that according to her Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde would be amongst the top three contestants in the finals.