8 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up In Life

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8 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up In Life

People often give up on their goals and even in their life when they cannot achieve their goals or don’t achieve at the time they had expected to achieve. One needs to think, is giving up really an option when the only thing you want is a success in life. Read 8 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up In Life.

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1. Impossible Is Just An Opinion

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Impossible is just an opinion thrown by people who don’t become successful in their first attempt.

When Steve Jobs wanted to launch a phone like an iphone, he talked with his team about making a phone which operates with one key but his staff said that it is impossible to make a phone which is completely operated by one key or touch of the screen.

But Steve didn’t know the meaning what is impossible in life, he thought if he can imagine it, it can surely be made and he ordered his team to design such phone at any cost no matter how much time it takes. Finally, after months of research and hard work, iPhone, a phone operated with only one key and the touch screen was launched and the era of qwerty started declining.

Just imagine what would have happened if Steve gave up thinking iPhone is impossible to make at that time. Nothing is impossible, stay focused and keep trying till you don’t succeed.

2. Keep Trying
Unsuccessful People don’t like trying more than twice. When they fail often, they stop trying to make it happen. Consider the story of J.K Rowling.

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J.K Rowling is the world famous author of Harry Potter. In 1995 all 12 major publishers rejected the Harry Potter script. But, she never gave up and kept trying. It was a year later when a small publishing house, Bloomsbury, accepted it and extended a very small £1500 advance. In 1997, the book was published with only 1000 copies, 500 of which were distributed to libraries.

Today, Rowling has sold more than 400 million copies of her books and is considered to be the most successful woman author in the world. We would not have enjoyed the magical tale of Harry Potter if she had stopped trying after being rejected by publishers!

3. Stay Strong
There is no gain without pain. Life will push you from heights and test your patience. After being successful, if you fail again don’t lose hope, you can always get back. Life never leaves us staggered. If it gives a problem, it also gives its solutions. Remember, Steve Jobs was kept out of the company he established but he stayed strong and came back soon.

4. Think If They Succeeded, why can’t you?
We all have 24 hours and similar body structure. But why only very few people are successful and the majority are living average life?

If Steve Jobs from a poor family as well as very less knowledge about coding, succeeded in building a billion dollar company, why can’t you even try?

If Shah Rukh Khan, a boy from lower-middle-class family who lost his parents at an early age became world’s biggest movie star and second richest actor in the world, why you don’t even think of working for such success in your field?

If they can, why can’t you?

5. Work to Inspire Others
NO one lives forever, but their work may live forever. Robert Downy Jr. can be the inspiration for those who are addicts but want to give up on it and start living a better life.

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Jack Ma of Alibaba group can be the inspiration for those who are failing at various aspects of their life but have the desire to become successful.

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You too should work hard so that you can inspire others to live a better life. If you change a life of even one person, your mission as a human will be accomplished.

6. Make Yourself Visible
Giving up on your goal will push you into the crowd of sheep. You will be forced to do what others are doing.

As a human, we are all gifted with special talents. make sure you use them, gain perfection in them through practice and hard work and stand out of the crowd to make your life more enjoyable.

7. You Are Almost There
Just imagine, you have been working for years on your goals but due to some failure in your way, you give up on it. What if you were just one step far from achieving your Goal?

Never give up, who knows success may be waiting for you at next step.

8. Make World A Better Place To Live
When you achieve your goals and become successful, spend some time and money in the development of the world. God gives you more when you give more. Remember, most of the successful people are do charity and contribute to world development.

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For example, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated more than $30 Billion saving more than 8 Million lives around the world.

These are the major reasons why you should never give up as not only yours, sometimes the life of others is also dependent on your decisions.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 28 Nov 2017

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