8 Golden Rules About Living Successful Life Your School Will Never Teach You

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8 Golden Rules About Living Successful Life Your School Will Never Teach You

School plays an important part in one’s life and also provides formal information about the world and market. Although school education is very important, there are certain things about or say rules about living successful one needs to learn as soon as possible but are unfortunately not taught in school or university. Read this article to know 8 Golden Rules About Life Your School Will Never Teach You.

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8. Life Will Always Seem Unfair
Life will always seem unfair as desires of humans never end. When you achieve one thing, you want the next thing but if you fail while others win, you will feel that life is unfair to you. But in reality, it depends on your perspective on life. Your win may seem unfair to other and someone else’s victory may seem unfair to you. One needs to get used to it, it is going to stay always in human nature. Don’t give up and keep trying.

7. The World Doesn’t Care About What You Say
The world will not care about what you say until you become successful first in that particular thing. One should never show off or talk about philosophical things they feel about themselves, success or any particular thing they like unless they become a successful person or rich.

6. No Job Is Disrespectful
Everyone wants to be successful with minimum risk level. But no one dares to do small things to focus on big goals later. If you don’t have a job at first place but you dream of becoming a millionaire one day then first your water, food, clothes, money to spend on extra expenses and a place to live so that you don’t have to worry about survival and can focus on your main goal. If there is a need for waiter/waitress or managing staff in a hotel near you, go for that job immediately and don’t let the opportunity run away. No job is small or disrespectful. It is better to have something than nothing at all. Remember that world’s successful men have always started small.

5. Never Blame Your Parents
If you are poor or from a middle-class family, don’t ever blame your parents for the life you are living and compromises your family has to make for a living. They have given you all they had and they have struggled to give you whatever they can. If you want to be successful, respect your parents for everything and take their blessing for everything you do. They are God and Goddess who stay in our home with us first. Spend time with them, you will never get other.

4. Life Does Not Have A Semester System

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In school, you may have got a second chance once you failed but when you are out in the real world where your fate or survival is in your own hands, you don’t always get second chances. Be sure and confident about your choices and learn from others who have the knowledge about it.

3. You Won’t Get A Six-Figure Job Immediately After College
Many people think that they will get a six-figure job immediately after completing school or college. Know that unless you are very smart or intelligent you won’t even get a five-figure paying job after school. One needs to struggle till they get a good job or promotion from a less paying job. Get ready to struggle and save money from now onwards so that you don’t have to worry a lot about the expense of basic needs even if you stay jobless, for some time.

2. Television Is Not Real Life

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We often see people living luxury life by taking risks beyond capacity or by tricking others down or by some unrealistic way. In reality, life is not so easy. One has to fight every odd to become successful and may even fail. Television will never teach you how to get up after falling in life but practical life will. Get off your chairs in front of the television and start preparing for real life.

1 Importance Of Relational Contacts
In real life, always keep contact with people you have worked with or worked for. You never know how those contacts and friendly relations can take your career to peaks. Be nice to others. However, some contacts are not worth keeping, forget them and keep only good contacts.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 29 Nov 2017

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