7 YO Girl Sets Herself on Fire While Trying To Imitate A Dance Scene, Parents File a Complaint

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7 YO Girl Sets Herself on Fire While Trying To Imitate A Dance Scene, Parents File a Complaint

Time and again people have lost their lives out while trying the acts and stunts shown on television, and in films. Remember how a man fell to death from waterfalls while trying to imitate a scene in Baahubali. Well, a similar incident has happened yet again. A Seven-year-old girl from Karnataka had set herself on fire while trying to imitate a fire dance scene.

The victim identified as Prathana was a second standard student in a private school. The incident occurred on November 11 and she succumbed to the burn injuries the next day. However, this incident came to light this Wednesday after the parents of the deceased girl filed a complaint with the Harihara police.

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According to the girl’s mother Chaitra, Prarthana used to regularly watch two serials, including a horror-thriller. In one of the serials, the lead character is seen dancing on fire. Chaitra suspected that her daughter was influenced by the fire dance and tried it out when no one was at home.

It is reported that the girl threw a few papers around her and set them on fire, without realising that she will also catch fire. Chaitra said Prarthana was keen on watching serials. “We had advised her and warned her several times not to sit in front of the television. But there are times when she dodged us and went to our relatives house to watch teleserials. We have lost our daughter but we want other parents to be cautious. Please do not make children sit along with you and watch serials.”

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This definitely can’t be ignored at any cost. The incident has triggered a debate on allowing children to watch tele-serials that are not apt for them.

Ravi Kiran, the former president of Karnataka Television Association said: “It is sad that such an incident has happened. We usually put disclaimers in each episode of tele-serials but these have no effect. The makers of these serials do not have any bad intention, some elements are introduced to make the plot more engaging and gripping. In future, we should take steps to ensure that such negative impression is not created in the minds of the kids.”

Published by Kanika Saini on 29 Nov 2017